IATSE Local 52
Eric Branting, NYC Location Sound


I own and operate an industry standard, 3-camera-ready narrative sound cart package. It has been customized, tweaked, and optimized over the years for my unique workflow, and represents an extension of my organizational strategy for quickly and efficiently achieving the stellar results you're hiring me for!


...or Bag Rig

My narrative package also includes a fully built bag rig for those times when a full cart just isn’t a feasible choice. This rig also functions as a backup to the main cart, safeguarding against the rare glitch in the matrix. Need to roll during a power outage? I got you! I like to be prepared.

Making "movie magic" means there may be scenarios that require equipment above and beyond a standard kit. With a little advanced planning, we can work together to ensure I bring the necessary gear to realize your vision.