IATSE Local 52
Eric Branting, NYC Location Sound

I own an extensive pool of high-quality, industry-standard gear that can be assembled into a variety of customizable packages. But providing the best kit for each production is only part of my job; it’s important to also anticipate last-minute changes and client requests by bringing extra and alternate equipment. I’ve become a very efficient over-packer! What follows is a select overview of the equipment in my inventory. Let’s talk about how I can best meet your project’s needs!

Sound Cart Package

This is the heart of my narrative sound kit. It contains 8 channels of wireless; multiple boom, lavaliere, and plant microphones for any situation; 15+ Comtek IFB for anyone who needs to listen in; the right timecode equipment to cover up to a 3 camera shoot. This kit also comes with a follow cart that includes all the expected basics and backups as well as the unexpected and special-use equipment you didn’t know you needed.

Bag Rig Package

This includes all the essentials from my sound cart package in a lightweight, portable format for tight spaces, quick moves, or anything that would be awkward to achieve with the larger cart package - because the one thing the cart can't do is shrink! In fact, I always bring this along with the cart package just to make sure I have an answer to anything unexpected a production may throw at me.

I own quite a bit more gear than is included in both of the above packages: additional mixers, recorders, wireless channels, lockit boxes, IFB, microphones, and more. With a little planning, this gear lets me customize or rebuild any of the packages - or create something entirely new - depending on what the situation requires.